Glutamine MTX Capsules


Research suggests bodybuilders and athletes can benefit from increased consumption of this non-essential amino acid - especially post-workout. When you train, glutamine levels typically drop as much as 50%. Muscle catabolism sets in post-workout as the body robs the muscles of glutamine to utilize in the immune system or nitrogen transport. Lactic acid build up also accumulates in the muscles as a direct consequence of an intense workout. Studies have continuously suggested that glutamine supplementation effectively decreases muscle tissue breakdown, while promoting protein metabolism.*

Facilitates the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels which can contribute to lipid breakdown and muscle growth.*

Suggested to enhance protein synthesis by helping prevent the muscles from being catabolized.*

One of the most essential nutrients for the intestines. It maintains the structural integrity of the bowels.*

May serve to boost your immune system. This is especially important to bodybuilders since intense training regimens tend to greatly deplete glutamine levels.*

Plays a role in supporting healthy blood sugar control, when already in normal range.*